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Our view on global lithium resources - China Lithium Association's conference in April 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

InsightWoo was invited to attend to the global lithium resources conference held by China Lithium Association ("China Li") in April 2021. China Li is the official China lithium association under China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

At the conference, Lili Wu, on behalf of InsightWoo, made a keynote speaking on The Global Lithium Resource Development, Supply and Demand and Forecast.

For the global lithium resources, there are many projects are under development or in exploration stage. We listed new projects by hard rock and brine/clay that will be possibly produced by 2030.

Despite with the emergence of lithium projects, InsightWoo's view on global LCE supply and demand is that supply will be in tight balance by 2025 and will be in short by 2030.

With more specific view, we see lithium carbonate supply will be fine by 2030. Demand is mainly driven by LFP and low nickel NCM cathode growth in China.

Lithium hydroxide, on the other hand, driven by the global rapid growth of high-nickle cathode material (please refer to our view on cathode in the next blog article) supply can hardly meet the demand given the current resource development and producing technology. Lithium hydroxide requires more advanced technology in mass production and storage.

Contact us for lithium hydroxide demand and supply by regions and countries.

If you are interested in further information and consulting, please contact us by leaving us a message on the contact page.

Lili wu's presentation on China Lithium Association on global lithium resources 

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