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Battery Materials Database & Monthly reports


China Lithium Market Monthly Updates

We are excited to share our latest China lithium carbonate and hydroxide manufacturing and production analysis for November 2023. This is a segment analysis in our monthly lithium report. In the full report, we also cover price, trading data - imports and exports, capacity construction status etc.

LMFP & LFP Cathode Flyer

This flyer represents a standard on what we offer for other battery materials sectors


Up & Midstream - mining and chemical refining

- Battery raw material mining - mine resources, reserves, capacity, production;
- Converting process - chemical converting plants location, types, capacity, and production, etc.
- Lithium brine extraction technology analysis;
- Cathode, anode, electrolyte, membrane analysis by technology and applicaiton, etc.


Downstream – battery OEMs to end-use

- Battery OEMs location, capacity by countries and technology, etc. 

- End-use opportunity assessment i.e. automotive, power utilities, electronics, aviation;

- Mapping battery technologies with end-use applications;
- Potential application areas identification.


Battery Recycling - second use & material recycling

- Mapping by second use & raw materials recycling;
- Technology, policies, regulations, etc.


ESG across battery material value chain

- Identify ESG factors & challenges; 
- Evaluate ESG performance and integration, and battery carbon footprints, etc.
- Regulation and compliance in ESG by nations;
- Create ESG scorecard.

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